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On May in Charleston

Last night, I was walking along the ocean on Sullivan’s Island and very nearly turned to my boyfriend to tell him that I was a little cold. It was about half past seven in the evening and we had just swum in the ocean for more than an hour. We were wet, the tide was high, the wind was blowing, and the sun was sinking.

But, before I had the time to turn that thought into words, I stopped myself because I realized that being chilly outside in South Carolina will soon be an impossibility. In a matter of weeks, or maybe just days, it will be hot and humid from sunrise until sunrise.

May is a special month in Charleston - she might quietly be the best month of the year.

May is blooming jasmine, roses, and magnolias. In May, you can ride your bike to River Dog’s games and not sweat. If you’re like me, you might even wish you had brought a sweatshirt for the last few innings. In May, you can still walk into the best restaurants in town and not have to wait. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to get a tan before the month of May ends.

Soon the tourists from up North will descend on the city’s surrounding beaches, and with them will come the (in)famous humidity of the “Southern Summer”. That isn’t to say that summer isn’t great because it is. Summer is seafood and fruit and salty skin.

But, if Summer is the year’s equivalent of the week’s weekend, then May is Friday night. There’s a certain amount of comfort that comes with knowing that the whole summer is still ahead. May is optimism.

May is sleeping with the windows open after filling up on fish tacos and washing off sand and salt in a hot shower.